Nor Cal Nostalgia Drag Racing Association

Rule Book 2021 Season


Permitted Vehicles

  • Altereds
  • Front Engine Dragsters
  • Funny Cars with Pre-1980 Body
  • Left Hand Steer Roadsters with Pre-1975 Body (Permitted in NEII & NEIII)
  • Nostalgia Rear Engine Dragsters (Restrictions listed below permitted in all classes)


  • NEI (7.60ET 8.00 altitude corrected)
  • NEII (8.60ET 9.00 altitude corrected)
  • NEIII (9.60ET 10.00 altitude corrected)
  • Indexes will be raised due to altitude at tracks over 5000’ of elevation (Fallon Nevada)

Vehicle Restrictions

  • Any programable ignitions must be “zeroed” out and or disabled.
  • Throttle stops can only be operated by transbrake button or clutch peddle IE launch control.
  • All rules regarding safety regulations are by track discretion via NHRA rules
  • See below for Rear-Engine dragster restrictions

Permitted on Vehicle

  • Roots Superchargers
  • Centrifugal Superchargers
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Nitrous
  • No Restriction on Block or Cylinder Head Design
  • No Restriction on Exhaust Design (except rear engine)
  • All Non-Programmable Ignitions
  • Launch Controls such as “Two Step” Rev Limiters and Air or Electric Operated Throttle Stops. Throttle Stops can only be operated by Transbrake button or Clutch peddle.
  • No restriction on Wheelbase
  • Data Recorders

Vehicle Staging

  • Abide by courtesy staging procedures
  • Deep staging permitted, does not need to be declared

Rear Engine Dragster Regulations

  • Rear Suspension Prohibited
  • Rear Wings must be no taller than six feet from the ground
  • Carbureted cars must have metallic scoop or velocity stack. Fiberglass or plastic “super comp” style scoops prohibited
  • Body panels must be bare metal or painted. Obvious wraps or bare fiberglass, carbon fiber or plastic prohibited
  • Windshields must be no longer the six inches in height at tallest section
  • Front axels must be single tube. Tripod front ends prohibited unless covered by wing
  • Nose wing permitted is that of a “lawn dart” style or standoff, no wings mounted directly to body
  • Collector headers prohibited, Exception is turbocharged cars, zoomie style only

Vehicle Violation Consequences

  • All participants are subject to random inspections at any time before and during the race.
  • Any performance enhancing rule infraction will result in removal of any special awards earned at said race and racer will be banned from NCNDR races for one year by majority staff vote.
  • Infraction of a non-performance rule (rules of an appearance nature) will result in a racers tech card being removed until the infraction is fixed, if no fix can be made during the race it can be put to a majority vote by staff.
  • Infractions for code of conduct will result in first a warning, second offense will result in removal of tech card, third offense will result in a one-year ban from NCNDR events.
  • All rule infractions will be brought to a majority vote of the staff. If an exception to a rule is made during an event it is only an exception for that event.
  • All track curfews/rules should be followed at all times. If we fail to follow these instructions, we may not be invited back

Code of Conduct

This group is dedicated to a fun, friendly and competitive environment. Any altercations of a violent nature between racers or fans will be investigated by NCNDR staff and punishment will be decided, including but not limited to, removal of tech card, removal of membership, ban from NCNDR events. Any allegations of cheating must be reported to your class rep and or race coordinator. Under no circumstances should there be an argument about cheating among racers. Any social media communications should reflect professionalism and in no way be used to put down other racers, staff or any other aspect of our racing program. All track curfews/rules should be followed at all times. If we fail to follow these instructions we may not be invited back, if a racer is found to be in violation of these said rules multiple times, that racers membership will be revoked. Please keep the profanity to a minimum when children are present.