July 2021 Nor-Cal Nostalgia Newsletter

Information on Fallon

We never like to have to cancel a race. Unfortunately, sometimes the circumstances happen. In this case the weekend originally scheduled for Fallon was going to be too hot for us to race and not encounter health risks. The newly scheduled date also conflicts with being close to other races or the same weekend, potential of high heat again resulting in another cancelled weekend, low car count and delay of our season closer. Too many variables lead the group to decide that Fallon would not be happening for Nor-Cal Nostalgia this year. Apoligize for anyone who disagrees but we made this decision for the group and we will work closely with the track to make sure 2022 is a great event.  

Thunder Under the Lights in Redding

It is almost time for Thunder Under the Lights. Sorry for the detail delays on this one but we wanted to make sure we had the latest information. Dates are August 14th-15th.  

  • Gates open Friday the at 4PM (negotiating if we can get in earlier, look to Facebook for updates)
  • We will be finishing the Kool April Nights race on Friday night beginning at 6PM. So if you are still in that race please be there on Friday the 13th to complete the rounds.
  • Car driver is $50, if you are camping it is an additional $15 to camp. Crew is additional $35 each.
  • Qualifying Saturday, racing Sunday
  • Pre entry opens July 30th, Payments can be sent to Venmo account “@norcal-nostalgia” or mailed to 217 Quail Hollow Drive Galt, CA 95632. Otherwise we ask you bring the $100 in cash to the track.
  • On Saturday we will be coordinating Pizza as we did during KAN, drivers meeting we will discuss details.

Please let your class reps (Greg Means NE1, Justin Minahan NE2 and Sabrina Pecora for NE3) know if you’re going to make it! See y’all in a few weeks!

Tech Safety with Greg Means aka Moose!

You keep your head in it, but where do you keep it?

They can be utilitarian, expressive, expensive, or a bargain.  Some people like them custom painted, some people shop for the best deal.  There are quite a few options when it comes to your helmet. 

Snell recommends helmet replacement after 5 years of use, or immediately after any incident.  I try and make mine last as long as possible, as they are an investment.  When it is not on my head, I take care to dry out the interior, then store it in my helmet bag.  I take care to not drop it, chip it, etc.  I like the helmet outer clean, and the visor clean and (mostly) scratch free so I can see better.  A clear & a tinted visor are nice (it really sucks to stage a car at night and realize you still have a tinted visor on your helmet…)

A few companies make helmet driers for between rounds.  The sweat you leave in the helmet is the worst thing for the liner. It will break down the impact absorbing properties and cause a nasty odor if left to its own accord.

A few things to remember about helmets worn in our categories is they do expire.  I have included below a chart to help you know when yours is out of date.  It can be confusing for sure.  For example, a Snell 2010 helmet is good for 12 years.  Our example would be legal thru 12/31/21 – NOT in 2022.  Their date structure is like fire suits, the date includes the year it was made.  Snell 2020 helmets are on the market, and they will not expire until 12/31/2031. If our racers have a Snell 2010 helmet, be aware it is expiring at the end of this year.

Example of Snell SA2015 sticker

Feature on a hooligan gone too soon – Jeannie Bell

We lost one of our own recently. We know it will happen but it hits you like a ton of bricks when it does. Jeannie Bell was a truly kind person and loved taking care of all us Hooligans from breakfast burritos, helping with Nor-Cal Association tasks to participation in all of our events for charity or the group. She was truly one of a kind and always someone you could depend on. She will be forever missed in our hearts and minds. In Redding we will be doing a cheers to Jeannie and the great life she had with Sean and Noah. Missed but never forgotten, Godspeed wonder woman.

Thoughts from Barefoot

Tonight as I sit in front of this computer and try my best to write something worth reading I think about how we are only two weeks away from ending our 5th season. Thinking back to all the great times we’ve had and no matter how stressed out I get or how much effort it takes, it’s worth it all. As we set our sights on 2022 I can’t help but think that 2021 was once again a short season and a rapid year. There is plans in the works to do more events next year on and off the track as well as invading/supporting other non NCNDR events and other associations. In the next month or two there will be polls going up and class rep meetings had to try and decide what events we’d like to make. What event would you like to see the hooligans at? Please don’t hesitate to speak up. My final thought is with the Bell family. I was fortunate enough to have my car on display in Sonoma this past weekend (thanks to those that make that show happen) and was able to spent some time with Sean Saturday and Sunday. We toasted, we choked up and we drank copious amounts of what we will call hooligan brew in memory of our fallen hooligan, Godspeed Jeannie, you will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to know you.   

Driver (NE1)Points to Date (06.24.21)
Samoa Only
Manuel Azevedo18
Dan Martin 11
Justin Minahan
Sabrina Pecora7
Shawn Wood30
Driver (NE2)Points to Date (06.24.21)
Samoa Only
Duke Baker
Larry Battenberg11
Jeff Brochheuser29
Joey Caudle7
Scott Chamberlain20
Terry Linblad27
Donnie Magee10
Jim Overton9
Brian Reinaldo18
Gary Ryan22
Sam Tucker41
Eric Warner23
Randy Winkle6
Driver (NE3)Points to Date (06.24.21)
Redding & Samoa
Don Bird15
Drew Farris42
(Mike) Jon Gillespie17
Jason Haban7
Joe Mitchell9
John Pierce8

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