A new Hooligan year has started. Good news is so far, we are able and continuing to race!

Kool April Nights

Let’s recap how things went at Kool April Nights. The weather held out long enough for some good rounds unfortunately that came to an end in rounds on Saturday and we were unable to finish the race for all classes. NE1 and NE2 will be finishing that race in June when we all travel to Samoa and NE3 winner was Drew Farris! Congratulate Drew the first race in his new car that was quite literally finished the week prior and he left with some amazing hardware.

Brian and Eleanor racing to pits in the rain

With the race still not completed we don’t have points for everyone, but we do for NE3, look at our updated POINTS on the website (table available below newsletter).

Speaking of awesome hardware, it was time once again to hand off the “Spirit of Nostalgia” award AKA the Sonny! This award has been circulating for its fourth year and is handed from member to member for outstanding sportsmanship and willingness to help their fellow hooligan. So far our very own Greg Means was the first recipient who then handed it off to Sean Bell who then handed it off to Justin Minahan in 2020. When originally I talked to Justin about who he thought he’d be handing it off to he said “without a doubt I have someone in mind.” On Friday night Justin followed traditions of days gone by and handed it over to our oldest racer Jim “Grandad” Overton. Jim is a fixture at any NCNDR event and has always gone far above and beyond to help any racer in need. Jim you are a great example on how to be a proper hooligan! We salute you and all the past recipients for your outstanding dedication. 

Battle at the Beach

Now that we have completed the first race of the year, we are all eager to go to the next, Battle at the Beach, the beautiful Samoa California dragstrip is a throwback to the days of Fremont, with scenic views and mine shaft air conditions which always makes for fast ET’s and high MPH’s. This is always a fun race, who does not like going to the beach.

This is a Friday/Saturday race. We are planning on qualifying on Friday and rounds on Saturday. Car and driver are free and each crew member is $10 for the weekend.

Gates will be open Thursday from 5PM and will remain open remainder of the race but please let us know in the morning if you come in when no one is at the gate… I’m sure one of us hooligans will be up to hand you a drink.

We will have a drivers meeting to discuss the race on Friday at 10AM, we will cover timing of rounds and collect the $100 pay in to race as well as details on the BBQ.

There will be a BBQ on Friday night, please contact Jessica Munro for details or how to contribute food for the feast. Shiner Racing Products has already offered to throw in $100 worth of hamburger patties in the mix.

Early registration and payments will be accepted June 7th and closing on June 14th. Payments can be sent to Venmo account “@norcal-nostalgia” or mailed to 217 Quail Hollow Drive Galt, CA 95632. Otherwise we ask you bring the $100 in cash to the track.

Let’s go to the beach and have a great time!

May Tech for NCNDR Racers!

By Greg Means (Moose)

I will not sugar coat it. Sometimes installing engine diapers is painful, tedious, and frustrating. 

Each time you install one, you get better at it, and learn new ways to make it easier.  Sometimes you rearrange items on your engine/chassis to help it go smoother, sometimes you develop new routes for the straps. 

There are straps that anchor to exhaust bolts, there are straps designed to wrap around a frame rail. 

If no diaper anchor styles work, investigate either having a belly pan built, or building your own belly pan.  NHRA has requirements for these pans (See below).  I am looking in to having BOTH on my racecar. 

I recently had a catastrophic oil pan failure during qualifying.  I was safe, the car in the other lane was safe, and no other racer had to wait for a clean-up.

If you have spent even one day at the racetrack, you already know that engine failures happen all the time. Even the most experienced teams with the best parts available lose engines sooner or later. When a motor lets go and puts a window in the block or oil pan, until you get it stopped, the engine loss is at least second on your list of biggest problems. Even a pushed main seal can put oil under your tires and cause a bad accident and even the best wheel-men are at the mercy of chance when they drive through their own fluids.

An engine diaper is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy. A diaper on any car that is raced is just as important as a helmet on the driver’s head. If you are quick enough to require a basic roll bar, you are quick enough to need an engine diaper, no matter what the racetrack or racing organization requires. DJ Safety has nice engine diapers for most engines starting at a very reasonable price. So, ask yourself, is your quarter panel and paint worth more than a couple hundred buck? How about your life? How about the life of the guy in the other lane?


Final Thoughts

We all love racing and a lot of planning, coordination and phone calls goes into making this organization run. I want to thank you all for respecting what we do and just remind everyone we have a code of conduct at the races. Make sure you look at the rules and review our code of conduct. We all like to have a good time but need to make sure a good time is had while respecting the track and everyone’s equipment.

Look for a new segment from Sabrina Pecora herself Boo-Booze with Nurses. Sabrina will be covering common injuries or ailments one may encounter racing. If you have any topics you want covered or a good story she can use as a teaching moment when it comes to injuries and how to best treat them send them her way.  

Thank you all who participate and joining this hooligan lifestyle. It is great to be back with friends, having a good time with family.

We will see you all at the beach!

Driver (NE1)Points to Date (05.11.21)
Driver (NE2)Points to Date (05.11.21)
Driver (NE3)Points to Date (05.11.21)
Don Bird15
Drew Farris26
(Mike) Jon Gillespie17
Joe Mitchell9
John Pierce8

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