Happy new year race fans! We open this new year with a very exciting schedule and some great hooligan vacation events. Schedule is posted but we will be adding events as we go this year.

Charity events this year have not been scheduled yet but we plan on doing at least two events for Shriners Hospital if we are excepted. If everything goes to plan we will also have a donation station at every event for the hospital as well. Nothing is set in stone yet so please stay tuned for more details. We will also be doing raffles at every event if donations are sufficient, this raffle will benefit the jr dragster program at each track we run. NCNDR has also been passionate about the next generation of racers and this is our way of giving back.

2020 meeting. I start by thanking everyone for attending and voicing opinions and concerns. As a racer run program we strive to make sure every racer is taken into consideration when comments or concerns arise. Discussion topics ranged from race calendar and schedule to rules and points system. The biggest takeaways are the new points system which will now award points all the way down the qualifying order instead of just number one. The points system will be posted on the website as well as our Facebook page.

After race parties and get togethers. Jessica Munro will be in charge of our get togethers this year same as last year. We will be trying to make it easy on everyone and doing street tacos again. We usually have people willing to cook while us racers do what we do but please keep in mind that its on a volunteer basis. If you would like to volunteer please contact Jessica at the beginning of the race. These are pot luck events that will be posted a few weeks in advance so please check in with what you’ll be bringing to the party. Adult beverages are allowed but please watch out for your fellow hooligan and make sure they make it back home safe. If you’re drinking its because you are not driving so please have a DD to bring you to your hotel.

Race Dues. We are doing pre-registration this year so please take advantage of it. Pre-entry is $75, without its $100 in cash at the track. We are also doing pre-membership is also underway. Get in before march 10th and its $100, after it goes up to $125. Contact me for more info. At the track all tech cards will be turned in by racers to the race coordinator (see schedule for info on who is running what race) if you are not pre-entered your race due will be collected by Jeanie Bell our treasurer, only after your race dues have been verified will your tech card be turned in. Tech is typically done by our two tech members Spanky Mcgee and Sam Tucker. This only happens one time per race weekend so when you get to the track have everything ready ahead of time. The tech time will be posted before the race weekend, if you miss this time you will have to be teched in line like everyone else.

If you are a member and are wondering how you get your member packet, gift and 50% off tee shirt, you will be able to pick up everything at the first event at the Reinaldo Family Racing/Drag Daddy’s pit area.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me or any of the class reps. Now let’s get ready to go! We are planning on a test session in February so feel free to join us! Can’t wait to see you hooligans!

3/12/2020 – It has just been announced that our season opener in Sonoma has been cancelled by the facility.

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