September 2021 Nor-Cal Nostalgia Newsletter

NCNDR 2021 Recap

To say the last few years with racing has been trying is true to say the least. We followed up a pandemic year itching to go racing and some out of our control circumstances impacted much of this year as well. We are happy to have the races we did, welcome new members and continue to have a great time. Each year our admin team learns more on how we can improve the experience for our members. This has always been our goal to have an affordable and fun organization, we all just want to go racing.

As previously stated on other social media outlets with so few races completed to contribute to points, we will not have 2021 champions this year. For those of you leading in points we apologize but the admins collectively felt it was not fair to proceed when some classes only completed one race.

Thank you for everyone who continues to support and be a member of the hooligan crew.

NCNDR 2022 Planning

The admins have some upcoming meetings with tracks to begin planning out 2022 schedule. We don’t have much information to share yet but hope in the next newsletter to have exciting news on events to come.

We are always looking for opportunity with NCNDR,

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Let your group admin know now as we are planning!

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Godspeed Hooligan

Darrell Riddle was absolutely one of a kind and is irreplaceable in life and at our events. Whether in his “Little Riddler” fiat, the yellow pick up, recently finished AA/GS panel or even a golf cart he was a good time on and off the track. Best apple pie moonshine and didn’t mind sharing which was certainly appreciated by the hooligans. Not sure we’ll ever drink shine without thinking about you buddy. We are even naming the golf cart races at Samoa after you since you will forever be undefeated. Join us in raising a glass from that 1320 in the sky. Godspeed and cheers Hooligan!

Thoughts from Barefoot

As you join me tonight I’m sipping on some kraken rum because it’s the closes thing I have to shine in memory of our fallen hooligan. Thanks for the memories buddy! Coming back from two weekends of racing where I have learned that we are not invincible even though we are surrounded by strong tubing and fire suits. I found out that bouncing my head off that “padding” we put on our roll cages is not very forgiving. I’ve also learned a horrific accident can happen to even the best equipped cars with a good driver. My thoughts tonight are on safety and it starts with our own equipment. Go out to that hot rod and look it over with a fine tooth comb to check for anything that needs to be repaired and do not wait to get it “fixed”. Take a good look at the safety features on your car and really think…is it good enough to really help me? Or is it just there because the tech guy said I have to have it to run. Do not wait to make those upgrades because I can tell you that no matter what it is that you upgrade, it costs a lot less than a lengthy hospital stay or a funeral. I’ll leave you on a somewhat sobering note. Look after your fellow racer and family, make sure they are well and keep them in your thoughts when they are not.   

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